Branding Takes Place From the Inside Out

A question came up from a company executive this week that is in the midst of a reorganization of the company. He asked, “How does a reorg affect our company’s brand?”

Branding take places from the inside out. One of the most powerful levers for brand change available is reorganization.At its best, it can energize employees with a common sense of purpose, thereby making it easier to implement a new brand strategy.

During the process, you must figure out ways to capitalize on the reorganization to correct or enhance the value of your brand.

Change, progress, innovation, continuous improvement, reorganization or corporate renewal –whatever label you use to call the process, should be a strategic directional change. Change is a natural and necessary process during the life cycle of any business.

This can mean that your brand, an important corporate asset, no longer fits your company values or mission. You need to adapt it and reposition your brand (your company, product or service). Through a change in positioning instead of just rebranding, you will harness the power of your existing brand, while at the same time repositioning your company for growth.

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