Developing a Strong Corporate Image

In today’s fast-paced, 24-7, mobile and competitive world, accurately and effectively communicating your company’s values and unique capabilities are vital to success. A powerful corporate image is critical to your company’s communications and marketing positioning strategy.

The image projected conveys your brand identity and the competitive difference of your company. It must clearly define who your company is, what is unique about what you do and be a clear reflection of the differentiated benefits of using your services and products.

Following these 10 brief guidelines will assist you in maximizing your brand and corporate image strategies for your marketing and communications.

Define Your Goals and Values

Take time to carefully and thoroughly consider your company’s overall value proposition, or why should customers buy your products or services. A powerful and unique value proposition will help you succeed in your target market. This process must involve top management and end results must have the support of C-level executives. Whatever time and effort is required to complete this process is well worth the efforts as decisions made at this stage tremendously impact the success of your marketing and communications.

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Market Research: The Backbone Of Your Strategic Marketing Plan

The success of your strategic marketing plan is as good as the information that it is based on. Conducting research will give you valuable insight to help shape your marketing strategy, plan and support your branding efforts.

In today’s very competitive, global marketplace, your marketing strategy must be backed by sound research to insure a consistent and effective approach to offering your products and services. It is essential to know who your customers are and how to position your company effectively against your competition.

You need to conduct research to learn what the market’s perception is of your company or organization. The outcome of your research will help you align your image and identity with proactive actions geared to successfully shape your marketing and prevent costly missteps. Your research is the backbone of your marketing plan.

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Capturing Customer Loyalty Through Social Media

A majority of both B2C and B2B businesses and organizations are using social media marketing. To be successful, however, requires an investment of your resources and time. You want to make strong and real connections, which take time, effort and planning.

The ultimate success of any company is tied to its ability and effectiveness to capture and keep its customers. Your social media networking has the potential for driving more traffic to your company and providing major support in communicating information about your company to gain brand recognition.

Statistics show that about 75 percent of people are likely to share content they find valuable online with their friends, co-workers and family, at least weekly. And, this should include your company and its social media content.

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