What is a Brand?

Is it your company’s logo? Your advertising or public relations campaigns? These are all elements of branding.

Branding is the intangible part of your business. A brand, unlike your product or service offerings, is a collection of ideas, feelings and word associations, representing a value proposition. It’s what you expect of an experience with a company, its products and services.

Customers choose one particular brand over another because of its intrinsic value. Your brand serves as the link between your product’s promise and the customer’s desire. Everything that you do either reinforces or erodes your brand.

Branding is a way to differentiate your company, product or service from competitors. It means having a personality that is unique and appeals to customers. It’s everything that you do daily, online and offline.

Do You Need to Consistently Promote Your Brand?

To ensure future growth and profitability, companies must continually build, strengthen and revitalize their brand value.

Building and maintaining a meaningful brand isn’t easy. You must focus on the emotional aspects of your brand – the proposition, making a quick and intuitive emotional connection that enables awareness, consideration, influence, buy-in and loyalty.

Exceptional brand performance is no accident. Implementing a strong, actionable brand plan is crucial to achieving standout performance in the market. You can’t simply rely on the functional differences of your products or services. Customers have too many choices.

Differentiating and communicating your brand’s unique value to the marketplace is essential. You need to craft messages that stir up specific words or emotions when someone hears or sees your company’s name, products or services.

Your brand serves as a powerful motivation tool to all your stakeholders including employees, investors and customers.

Companies are constantly looking for ways to grow their brand image, using new ideas and initiatives in the market. Many are creating innovative ways for building their brand and pushing boundaries to influence customer buying behavior, getting their messages across clearly and effectively. You must too.