What Does Public Relations do for Your Marketing?

Public relations (PR) helps reinforce your marketing. It makes your advertising work better. It can’t guarantee 100-percent control over content, display, position and frequency, as does advertising. But what it lacks in frequency, PR can make up for in reach. PR can deliver the product/service message through a variety of media that could never be included in the most lavish advertising plan.

Sound PR is an integral part of maintaining a successful business. Competition for customers is keen. Having a successful business depends on properly building a solid foundation through effective media, customer and employee relations.

Successful media relations – nurtured over time through relationships with media contacts – can help establish an ongoing, positive awareness of your company and the products and/or services it provides. It can inform and excite customers and employees.

Third-party endorsement by the media sells integrity, quality and extraordinary service like no advertisement can. PR has the power to persuade the public.

Waiting to be discovered can take quite a toll on your company. It can mean lost revenue. Your company competes with thousands of others. The main difference is whether your PR program is established by default, or as a result of careful planning.

Well-organized programs and your commitment to a communications plan does make a difference. The payoff can be tremendous.

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