Marketing and Public Relations Ideas for Recruiting

Every day, thousands of job candidates look for a job. They begin by looking for a publicized opening or contacting a third-party recruiter. Once they see or hear about a position that interests them, they begin to research the company. This may include checking the company’s website, joining online chat rooms or forums about your company or industry, searching online, contacting friends or family that may know or have worked for your company, going to their social media communities, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Recruiting an “employed” (passive) professional, now means that a company must have a much more sophisticated marketing and public relations (PR) approach to recruiting. Improving your visibility will help with your recruiting efforts and your ability to attract the best possible candidates as new employees.

Promote Your Company As A Great Workplace

One of the primary ways of convincing applicants to work for your company is by building your company and its brand as a great place to work. This is where a consistent flow of PR and marketing is essential to having a successful recruiting process. This means creating a public image of your company whereby a quality candidate is going to look to your company to give them not only financial opportunities, but also a career where they can grow with the company. Today’s job hunters want to work for companies that will train them for the next job.

Take a few minutes a day and join chat rooms, forums and social media discussions about your industry. Look at where the people are going that you want to recruit. Review the blogs specific to your industry.

One of the best ways to get the word out about your company is to have the support of your executives to consistently promote your company as a great place to work. When any executive speaks internally or externally, they must mention how important recruiting is for the future of the company. It doesn’t need to take long, just a few seconds every time they speak.

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